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quiet leaf blower

Quiet Leaf Blower: 8 Ultra Quiet Cordless, Electric, and Gas Blowers

The best quiet leaf blower will help you keep your garden and yard clean without conflicts with your neighbors. The quietest leaf blower is Ryobi RY40440 40, with a decibel rating of 59dB. Electric leaf blowers usually are quieter compared to gasoline leaf blowers. However, you can still get a quiet gas blower model- the … Read more

Quiet Aquarium Filter

Quiet Aquarium Filter: Top 8 Quiet Fish Tank Filter

A quiet aquarium filter will keep the mechanical filtration noises down, allowing you to get a soothing white noise sounds produced by moving fish tank water. Unfortunately, some manufacturers dub their fish tank filters as quiet when the opposite is true. To make the work easier for you, we have done the legwork for you … Read more

Best Quiet Generator

Best Quiet Generator: Top 8 for Camping, Tailgating, & Backup Generators

In this guide, I will be reviewing some of the best quiet generator on the market today. These units are perfect for tailgating, camping, and road trip adventures. A-List of the Best Quiet Generators on the Market In this guide, I shortlisted 9 generator units and hand-selected ones that the lowest decibels or have been … Read more

Quiet Coffee Grinder

Quiet Coffee Grinder: Top 7 Quietest Coffee Grinder Machines

Just like a quiet blender, a quiet coffee grinder is one of the most useful appliances for your kitchen. These are some of the popular kitchen appliances that everyone loves to use early mornings. For this reason, it’d be wise investing in quiet models as noisy ones will only result to conflicts with your roommates, … Read more

quiet bike trainer

Quiet Bike Trainer: Top 8 Quietest Indoor Bike Trainers

If exercise and fitness is your thing, then you will appreciate the reliability and performance of these quiet bike trainer (s). If you can’t get outside to for practice or want to improve your cycling skills indoors in your apartment or garage, then you will need a reliable and quiet bike trainer. Unfortunately, most of … Read more

quiet window fan

Quiet Window Fan: Top 8 Ultra Quiet Window Fans

Just like an air conditioner, a quiet window fan will keep your house cool during those scorching summer nights. A window fan should not only be quiet but must also satisfy your requirement. Installation should be easy and must be designed in such a way that it fits onto most windows. This guide shall be … Read more

Quiet Breast Pump

Quiet Breast Pump: Top 8 Quietest Breast Pumps on the Market

A quiet breast pump is one of the most vital tools for new mothers. If you aren’t nursing your baby or returning at work, you will therefore need the quietest breast pump to help you express discreetly. You will also need a breast pump that will allow you to express milk even in the dead … Read more

best quiet hair dryer

Best Quiet Hair Dryer: Top 9 Silent Blow Dryer Review and Buyer Guide

Best Quiet Hair Dryer: while the human perception of noise is entirely different, there’s one thing that we can all agree is never quiet- a hairdryer. According to an article published on the News on Health website, a typical hair dryer has sound ratings of 85 decibels. (Source) Frequent exposures to hairdryer noise can result … Read more

quiet humidifier

Quiet Humidifier: What Is the Best Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier

A quiet humidifier can be a perfect addition to your baby nursery room, office, home theater, or any other room in your house where you desire cooling. Regular humidifiers have always been noisy- personally, I can’t stand all the gurgling noises, buzzing noises, and water droplet sounds. But the big question has always been- are … Read more

silent drone

Silent Drone: Top 7 Ultra Quiet Drones and Quadcopters

A silent drone will allow you to get close to your target (human or animal) as possible without being detected. In doing so, you can maximize the amount of intelligence collected. (Source) The quietest drone has noise ratings in the range of 70decibels- 81 decibels. The payload processor is the most expensive element of modern-day … Read more


Quiet Desk Fan: Top 7 Silent Table Fans to Keep You Cool

A quiet desk fan is a handy tool to keep you cool during those hot summer days. These small appliances are a great complement to the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, most of the fans on the market today can be quite noisy. Most brands label their fans as being quiet. However, the main question is, … Read more

Quietest Garage Door Opener

Quietest Garage Door Opener: Top 7 Silent Durable and Efficient

Unlike the quietest garage door opener, a noisy garage door can turn your quiet home into a nightmare. Imagine having to open that noisy door at night while the rest of your household is sleeping? Such a door will not only disrupt your household’s peace, but it is not good for the picky neighbors either. … Read more

quietest projector

9 Quietest Projector (s) for Home Theaters and Gaming

The quietest projector today has a sound decibel rating of range between 19-25 decibels when the lamp is in low power mode and 21-28 dB when the lamp is in high power mode. (Original) There are two contributors to noise in a projector. The main noise culprit in a projector is the fan. We all … Read more

quiet mini fridge

Top 7 Quiet Mini Fridge for Dorm Room, Bedroom, and Mancave

A quiet mini fridge is one of the must-have kitchen appliances in the modern home. If you want to make your kitchen space as quiet as possible, it’s essential to invest in quiet appliances such as microwaves, blenders, food processors as well as garbage disposals. While noises produced by a refrigerator won’t cause any hearing … Read more

A silent gaming mouse

Silent Gaming Mouse: Top 7 Best Silent Mouse for Gaming

A silent gaming mouse will allow you to game in peace without the loud clicks you get with your regular computer mouse. I’m an avid gamer, and I can swear that even the “tinniest” of the noises can be quite irritating, primarily when gaming online. To complement your gaming experience and transform your gaming room … Read more

Best Quiet Keyboard

Top 7 Best Quiet Keyboard for Gaming, Programming, and Work

The best quiet keyboard will allow you to game, program, or even work in places that require quiet operations (e.g., Library, office, public spaces) without causing annoying noises to those next to you. However, the big problem is, traditional keyboards tend to be noisy. They produce loud noises when typing, which not only can they … Read more

quietest air rifles s

Quietest Air Rifles: Top 7 Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use

Here is a detailed guide of some of the best quietest air rifles- the most quiet air rifles for neighborhood use. With quiet air rifle, you’ll be able to hunt varmint, squirrels, and other small rodents in your backyard quietly without causing unwanted noise pollutions. Even with the proper ear protection gear, a loud air … Read more

Quietest Bed Frames

Quietest Bed Frames: Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

The quietest bed frames are considered to be the best bed frame for sexually active couples or anyone who want to have a quiet and squeakless night. A solid night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. (Source) On the other hand, as an active couple, you need a … Read more