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Quiet Aquarium Filter

Quiet Aquarium Filter: Top 8 Quiet Fish Tank Filter

A quiet aquarium filter will keep the mechanical filtration noises down, allowing you to get a soothing white noise sounds produced by moving fish tank water. Unfortunately, some manufacturers dub their fish tank filters as quiet when the opposite is true. To make the work easier for you, we have done the legwork for you … Read more

quiet dog tags

Quiet Dog Tags: Best Silent Dog Tags on The Market

After soundproofing the dog crate, your next option should be to invest in quiet dog tags. Rescue organizations and humane societies recommend pet parent to always have their cats and dogs wear these tags. (Source) However, there’s nothing irritating like the clanking dog tags especially when your pet is around the house. Why You Need … Read more

quiet window fan

Quiet Window Fan: Top 8 Ultra Quiet Window Fans

Just like an air conditioner, a quiet window fan will keep your house cool during those scorching summer nights. A window fan should not only be quiet but must also satisfy your requirement. Installation should be easy and must be designed in such a way that it fits onto most windows. This guide shall be … Read more

soundproof dog crate

Soundproof Dog Crate: How to Make A Soundproof Dog Crate

In this guide, I will be guiding you step by step on how to soundproof dog crate. To soundproof any space, you need to add specialized materials that absorb sound. In the case of a dog crate, soundproofing involves lining or covering it with soundproofing material. You may also consider placing the dog crate in … Read more

green glue alternative

Green Glue Alternative: Top 7 Green Glue Sealant Alternatives

In this article, I’ll be guiding you through some of the best green glue alternative materials you can get on the market today. However, before we get to that, let’s first familiarize ourselves with green glue compound. Green Glue is a product known for its outstanding soundproofing properties. The compound works by isolating sound waves … Read more

How to Seal a Garage Door from the Inside_1_1

How to Seal a Garage Door from the Inside

In this article, I’ll be guiding you through some of the best methods on how to seal a garage door from the inside. If you plan on operating loud equipment’s such as shop vacs it’s paramount to have your garage door sealed. Additionally, sealing the garage door will also ensure that you keep insects and … Read more

Why Is Styrofoam a Good Insulator

Why Is Styrofoam a Good Insulator: Lets Debunk the Myth

Why is Styrofoam a good insulator? Styrofoam, also known as polystyrene foam, is a petroleum-based plastic, otherwise known as extruded polystyrene foam. It is among the most used types of plastic for several reasons. First, this material is lightweight, an effective insulator, and an even better shock absorber. 90 % of this product is made … Read more

best quiet hair dryer

Best Quiet Hair Dryer: Top 9 Silent Blow Dryer Review and Buyer Guide

Best Quiet Hair Dryer: while the human perception of noise is entirely different, there’s one thing that we can all agree is never quiet- a hairdryer. According to an article published on the News on Health website, a typical hair dryer has sound ratings of 85 decibels. (Source) Frequent exposures to hairdryer noise can result … Read more

quiet humidifier

Quiet Humidifier: What Is the Best Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier

A quiet humidifier can be a perfect addition to your baby nursery room, office, home theater, or any other room in your house where you desire cooling. Regular humidifiers have always been noisy- personally, I can’t stand all the gurgling noises, buzzing noises, and water droplet sounds. But the big question has always been- are … Read more


Quiet Desk Fan: Top 7 Silent Table Fans to Keep You Cool

A quiet desk fan is a handy tool to keep you cool during those hot summer days. These small appliances are a great complement to the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, most of the fans on the market today can be quite noisy. Most brands label their fans as being quiet. However, the main question is, … Read more

Quietest Garage Door Opener

Quietest Garage Door Opener: Top 7 Silent Durable and Efficient

Unlike the quietest garage door opener, a noisy garage door can turn your quiet home into a nightmare. Imagine having to open that noisy door at night while the rest of your household is sleeping? Such a door will not only disrupt your household’s peace, but it is not good for the picky neighbors either. … Read more

ps4 loud fan

PS4 Loud Fan: Ps4 Still Loud After Cleaning and How to Fix It

Is your ps4 still loud after cleaning? Does it sound like you have a mini launchpad in your game room? Ps4 loud fan can be quite irritating and, in this guide, I’m going to show you different ways on how you can make your ps4 quieter. I bet that the first time you bought your … Read more

Quietest Bed Frames

Quietest Bed Frames: Best Bed Frame for Sexually Active Couple

The quietest bed frames are considered to be the best bed frame for sexually active couples or anyone who want to have a quiet and squeakless night. A solid night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. (Source) On the other hand, as an active couple, you need a … Read more

quiet microwave

Quiet Microwave: Detailed Guide on The Best Silent Microwave

A silent microwave popularly referred to as a quiet microwave is a must-have quiet kitchen appliance every modern household should have. Traditional microwave units have noise ratings ranging between 55-59dBA. (Source) The advancement in technology has led to the manufacture of microwaves with silent mode. These units are a true lifesaver, especially for those who … Read more

Quietest Garbage Disposal

Quietest Garbage Disposal: Top 8 Quiet Garbage Disposal on The Market

The quietest garbage disposal has sound decibel ratings ranging between 25dB to 45dB. It will ensure that you dispose of your food waste quietly without causing unwanted noise. Garbage disposals are indispensable appliances for any modern household. Unfortunately, the traditional disposals are quite noisy, making them not ideal for any sort of modern living. Traditional … Read more

quiet vacuum cleaner

Quiet Vacuum Cleaner: Top 7 Low Noise Vacuum Cleaners

A quiet vacuum cleaner must have less than 70-80 decibels (dB) noise output. To give you a hint, 80 decibels can be compared to the amount of noise typical garbage disposal makes. Here is my detailed guide on quiet garbage disposals on the market today. Loud noises often happen in places where you might never … Read more

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction air conditioner noise reduction blanket how to reduce noise from inside air conditioner window air conditioner noise reduction soundproof air conditioner compressor how to reduce air cooler noise sound barrier wall around air conditioning unit quiet fence neighbors noisy air conditioner

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction: Make Your Noisy AC Quiet

Air conditioner noise reduction involves a series of steps that you can implement with ease. I’ve always recommended simple and easy to implement soundproofing hacks. (Source) Air conditioners play a very important roles in our homes in the summer. While they may not be as noisy as your lawnmower, they can be annoying when you … Read more

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors In 5 Easy Steps

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors In 5 Easy Steps?

In this guide, I’m going to show you different ways on how to annoy upstairs neighbors. My soundproofing journey began a few years ago- 5 years to be precise- when Sam was born. Living in an apartment and a noisy neighborhood was my worst nightmare. If your upstairs neighbor doesn’t keep things down up there, … Read more

Cheap Ways To Soundproof A Room for Drums

 Cheap Ways To Soundproof A Room for Drums (Easy Fixes)

In this guide, I’m going to show you cheap ways to soundproof a room for drums for anyone wishing to practice in their apartment. You don’t want to be the noisy neighbor everyone complains about. Also Read: How to Soundproof A Ceiling Without Construction In 7 Easy Steps If you’re a beginner or experienced drummer … Read more