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How to Quiet an Air Compressor: 7 Noise Reduction DIY Hacks?

Want to learn how to quiet an air compressor? Well, stick to the end of this article as we share different air compressor noise reduction hacks. Air compressors play an essential role in our homes, job sites, and garages. Unfortunately, all air compressors have one thing in common- they are quite loud. The most convenient … Read more

quiet leaf blower

Quiet Leaf Blower: 8 Ultra Quiet Cordless, Electric, and Gas Blowers

The best quiet leaf blower will help you keep your garden and yard clean without conflicts with your neighbors. The quietest leaf blower is Ryobi RY40440 40, with a decibel rating of 59dB. Electric leaf blowers usually are quieter compared to gasoline leaf blowers. However, you can still get a quiet gas blower model- the … Read more

How to Seal a Garage Door from the Inside_1_1

How to Seal a Garage Door from the Inside

In this article, I’ll be guiding you through some of the best methods on how to seal a garage door from the inside. If you plan on operating loud equipment’s such as shop vacs it’s paramount to have your garage door sealed. Additionally, sealing the garage door will also ensure that you keep insects and … Read more

quiet tires

Quiet Tires: Top 7 Best Tire for Comfort and Noise

With quiet tires, you’ll never have to worry about road noise ever. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are several sources of highway noises. They include aerodynamic noise, engine and exhaust noise, propulsion noise, and tire noise. (Source) A study prepared for the U.S. Department of Noise Abatement suggests that tire noise becomes the … Read more

Quiet Performance Muffler

Quiet Performance Muffler: Top 5 Quietest Performance Muffler

A quiet performance muffler will keep your car rides much quiet, whether driving in busy streets or cruising on the highway. If you live in California like me, then you know how hard the cops can be on you when they pull you over unless you have a certification. If you’re not sure what the … Read more

Quietest Garage Door Opener

Quietest Garage Door Opener: Top 7 Silent Durable and Efficient

Unlike the quietest garage door opener, a noisy garage door can turn your quiet home into a nightmare. Imagine having to open that noisy door at night while the rest of your household is sleeping? Such a door will not only disrupt your household’s peace, but it is not good for the picky neighbors either. … Read more

Silent Airbrush Compressor

Silent Airbrush Compressor: Top 6 Quiet Models on the Market

Choosing the best silent airbrush compressor is the least important but also the most expensive step. There are three important questions to ask yourself before investing in an air compressor. How noisy/quiet is the air compressor? (Source) What capacity do you need? Is power an issue? In this guide, we’ve compiled a detailed list of … Read more