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Kilmat Vs Noico: Which is the Best Soundproofing Material for Car?

You’ve probably been reading about soundproofing materials for car and now want a detailed comparison between Kilmat Vs Noico. Well stick to the end because we shall be discussing in details the difference between these two brands. Even after you’ve purchased quiet tires, you will still experience some road noise when driving. However, remember that … Read more

How To Make Exhaust Quieter in 7 Quick DIY Fixes

In this guide, we shall be looking at some of the best methods on how to make exhaust quieter without involving a professional. In our previous article, we discussed different methods you can utilize to make your car cabin quiet. Achieving an overall quiet car cabin will involve a series of activities ranging from investing … Read more

Lifter Tick Noise: Causes and How to Fix Noisy Valve Lifters

One of the biggest signs of a faulty lifter is lifter tick noise, tapping or clicking noise from your car’s engine. Lifter tick noise can either be occasional or continuous, and the type of noise and, of course, the duration will determine the severity of the problem. Some people tend to ignore the problem- and … Read more

quiet tires

Quiet Tires: Top 7 Best Tire for Comfort and Noise

With quiet tires, you’ll never have to worry about road noise ever. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are several sources of highway noises. They include aerodynamic noise, engine and exhaust noise, propulsion noise, and tire noise. (Source) A study prepared for the U.S. Department of Noise Abatement suggests that tire noise becomes the … Read more

Quiet Performance Muffler

Quiet Performance Muffler: Top 5 Quietest Performance Muffler

A quiet performance muffler will keep your car rides much quiet, whether driving in busy streets or cruising on the highway. If you live in California like me, then you know how hard the cops can be on you when they pull you over unless you have a certification. If you’re not sure what the … Read more

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How to Reduce Wind Noise in Car: 7 Simple Fixes

In this guide, I’m going to share different hacks on how to reduce wind noise in car and make it quieter inside. According to research, driver distractions is one of the leading causes of car crashes globally. While the use of mobile phones while driving remains one of the major causes, distractions resulting from road … Read more

How to Make Your Car Quieter Inside

How to Make Your Car Quieter Inside: Top 7 Easy Hacks

Here is a detailed guide on how to make your car quieter inside. As mentioned in my previous article on DIY under hood sound insulation, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of loss of lives on the road- according to NHTSA data. Soundproofing your car will not only make reduce engine noise and … Read more

Silent Airbrush Compressor

Silent Airbrush Compressor: Top 6 Quiet Models on the Market

Choosing the best silent airbrush compressor is the least important but also the most expensive step. There are three important questions to ask yourself before investing in an air compressor. How noisy/quiet is the air compressor? (Source) What capacity do you need? Is power an issue? In this guide, we’ve compiled a detailed list of … Read more

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter in 9 Easy Fixes

This article discusses different ways on how to make a motorcycle helmet quieter. Not only does a helmet protect you from injuries but also protects you from wind noise and motorcycle exhaust noise. An article published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website recommends noise levels below 70dBA for exposures not exceeding 24 … Read more

How to Break A Window Silently

How to Break A Window Silently in 7 Different Ways

In this guide, I’m going to demonstrate different methods on how to break a window silently. An article published on Consumer Reports website shows that anyone could forget their kids in hot cars. (Source) But what happens when you find yourself in such situations? Or probably lock your car keys inside your car? Well, while … Read more