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Silent Drone: Top 7 Ultra Quiet Drones and Quadcopters

A silent drone will allow you to get close to your target (human or animal) as possible without being detected. In doing so, you can maximize the amount of intelligence collected. (Source) The quietest drone has noise ratings in the range of 70decibels- 81 decibels. The payload processor is the most expensive element of modern-day … Read more

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Quietest Air Rifles: Top 7 Most Quiet Air Rifles for Neighborhood Use

Here is a detailed guide of some of the best quietest air rifles- the most quiet air rifles for neighborhood use. With quiet air rifle, you’ll be able to hunt varmint, squirrels, and other small rodents in your backyard quietly without causing unwanted noise pollutions. Even with the proper ear protection gear, a loud air … Read more

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction air conditioner noise reduction blanket how to reduce noise from inside air conditioner window air conditioner noise reduction soundproof air conditioner compressor how to reduce air cooler noise sound barrier wall around air conditioning unit quiet fence neighbors noisy air conditioner

Air Conditioner Noise Reduction: Make Your Noisy AC Quiet

Air conditioner noise reduction involves a series of steps that you can implement with ease. I’ve always recommended simple and easy to implement soundproofing hacks. (Source) Air conditioners play a very important roles in our homes in the summer. While they may not be as noisy as your lawnmower, they can be annoying when you … Read more